@Mike’s Dream Catcher Service

Remember that one guitar that you had and loved years ago that you sold or were separated from for one reason or another? How many times have you asked yourself, “I’d love to have that guitar again”? What if you could have someone with the knowledge of where to find not just a model like it, but the one that would be worthy of again becoming your “Dream Guitar”.

@Mike’s Dream Catcher is such a service.  Over 35 years of vintage guitar locating, purchasing, and giving it the setup you have come to love from the Hermosa Parlor. Mike will take detailed information from the client about maker, color, model, year, hardware, case style, and any particular markings.  Then, using his network of vintage guitar buyers and collectors, will locate that specimen that has eluded the client.  Mike disassembles the instrument, inspects the electronics for period correctness, cleans and polishes hardware as well as the instrument body, polishes the frets and treats the fretboard before reassembly. The setup of such a personal instrument is critical to give the client the experience of better than his or her original one. What arrives at your home, is your long lost friend.  But, it arrives with the play ability and originality one dreams of.

Don’t just dream about it, catch your dream.

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