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Hermosa Beach, CA

An intimate jewel box of fine vintage and new instruments to stumble into, steps from the pier in Hermosa Beach, CA. A place for passionate players to find the instrument as individual as they are...

Mike LongacreOwner

Hi!  I’m Mike

I have been playing, buying, and selling guitars for more then 30 years. I have a true appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into every guitar I buy. My knowledge of new and vintage model’s characteristics helps me find just the right instrument for clients. I love meeting passionate musicians that have the same desire to acquire that missing element that will inspire! I have created a space in Hermosa Beach that I feel lends itself to finding such an instrument. This laid back beach vibe never hurts for inspiration either. I look to grow my inventory quickly and continue to bring in special pieces for new clients along the way. I have found my true home.

Hand Picked Axes On The Walls


As a player and collector for over 35 years I have setup and played all kinds of guitars and basses. My focus is to give your instrument the full fat sound it was built to play. Dialing in the minor adjustments and tweaks to the action, so you can play like a rockstar all night long. While doing these adjustments I also will give your axe my famous Spa treatment and make it shine like the stars.

I am a professional musician and have been to guitar shops all over the country. Mike's is hands down the best guitar guitar store I have ever been to. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about both acoustic and electric guitars. I have had him do 5 set-ups for me and some various work, all of which was done excellently. He did the best set-up I've ever had on my acoustic and electric guitars as well as his "Spa Treatment".

Zeal L

@ Mike’s Dream Catcher

Remember that one guitar that you had and loved years ago that you sold or were separated from for one reason or another? How many times have you asked yourself, “I’d love to have that guitar again”? What if you could have someone with the knowledge of where to find not just a model like it, but the one that would be worthy of again becoming your “Dream Guitar”.

Don’t just dream about it, catch your dream.

Catch Your Dream Guitar Today

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What Are People Saying About @ Mike’s:

This is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind guitar shop. Welcoming. Zen. Community. Oasis. Nexus. Inspirational. Players of all ability levels and styles are encouraged to browse, play any instrument, ask questions, jam, hang out, take lessons, talk shop, get a guitar or bass set up or repaired... Mike Longacre's guitar, gear and music knowledge is broad and deep, and he's always happy to share what he knows. It has been an inspiration for me to watch Mike develop this shop from an idea to the brick-and-mortar Real Deal. I encourage you to drop in and hang out for a while, you'll see what I mean. Hope to see you soon at The Parlor.

Lee H.

Mike has a truly amazing collection of Gibson guitars. One-of-a-kind, hard-to-find and classic guitars abound in his shop and many have a unique heritage story (many have been played by celebrities, etc). The atmosphere is welcoming and the owner Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about guitars and is an excellent player himself. He is also incredibly supportive of musicians that are passionate about their music. If you love guitars you'll want to make a trip to see what's on the walls!

Monique R.

This is hands down the best guitar guitar store I have ever been to. I am a professional musician and have been to guitar shops all over the country, I always feel at home and welcomed upon arriving @Mike's guitar parlor.

Zeal L.

Having been a player, collector and all around vintage kook it's so rare to find a premium yet uber cool shop such as this in these days of big box retailers with salesmen who know one phrase only, "ugh...I dunno" and stock only the latest cnc'd copies of the real deal but comes with free gig bag bullshit. Mike and his inventory of hand selected originals from his own personal collection from home. Prices are at or below blue book (I know cuz I wrote a lot of it) displayed in what feels like Mike's music room at home....no hype, no pressure, most of all no free gig bags! Somebody finally gets it right!

Stephen B.

Best shop I have ever been to. The owner Mike is the coolest guy. The guitars he has are all amazing. I would never bring my guitars anywhere else. Best setup ever!!

Daniel V.

Mike has created a music lounge/store that is totally one of a kind. It's really more of a living room with some of the finest guitars you will ever see or play all hanging on the wall.. Mike encourages you to pull them down and try them out. He mixes art and enterprise in the most refreshing way. Great guy, killer store/lounge, I'm a fan.. Go see it..

Joe M.

A great find in Hermosa Beach today! If you get a chance, drop by At Mike's Guitar Parlor and drink in all that is awesome with guitars. You can thank me later.

Brian C.

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